Past the crossroads.

My Name is Hari and this blog is the product of years of procrastination and many futile attempts thanks to my scumbag brain. This might is more of a confessional ranting rather than an introduction. Right from childhood,  I’ve been the kind of guy who’ll blink if you ask me to make a choice between a box of Lego bricks and a couple of Hot Wheel Cars. Dazed and Confused. All the time. I’ve often let things influence me to a large extent.

When I first saw Space Jam, when I was in grade 6/7, I just wanted to shoot hoops for the rest of my life. I tried to make it work, until the point it didn’t. I realized that I sucked at basketball. Then, I learnt animation after watching those mangas on Animax, got a certificate and only after months I learnt that I didn’t have the patience or creativity to thrive on that for a long time.

By the time, I crossed off these fields off the list, I had already joined college, and as time passed by, I crossed off a few more things off the list. But I never managed to fill the blank. All these years, I’ve never had an answer and I’ve always let people down, by not making clear choices. This led me into more depression and procrastination. I convinced myself, I’ll never be able to settle down on a blog name, given my nature. But I heard a quote today, which was one of the profound things, I’ve ever heard.

“Careers are a 20th century invention. And I don’t want one”

It just repeated again and again, in my mind. Rather than look at them as paths to settle down or achieve something in life through careers. I’m gonna use them to pursue my passions. Luckily, I’ve found the things that interest me the most, things I never get bored of – travelling & photography 🙂


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